Ignition interlock devices help reduce drunk driving accidents

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

The dangers of operating a vehicle while intoxicated are widely known, but people continue to take risks by drinking and driving. Unfortunately, drunk driving accident injuries are typically more severe in non-intoxicated people than they are in drunken individuals.

According to first responders, this happens because sober people tense or brace for a collision while drunk people do not. As a result, the intoxicated person’s body is loose and relaxed, enabling them to absorb the impact better. Staying relaxed during a collision is good advice, but nearly impossible to accomplish for sober individuals.

Lawmakers in all states want to reduce intoxication behind the wheel as well as drunk driving accidents and injuries. One way they strive to meet this goal is by ordering those caught driving under the influence to install ignition interlock devices. Over the years, there have been numerous studies about these devices and all of them seem to say the same thing. These devices are effective.

Our injury attorneys want all victims of drunk driving accident injuries to know that Texas is one such state that routinely orders DUI offenders to install these devices. We hope you can take comfort in knowing that the person who harmed you may not be able to hurt others, at least for as long as the device is in place.

If this does not feel like enough of a consequence for negligent driving behaviors, we understand your position and we agree. Our lawyers help accident victims look for additional ways to deter would-be drunk drivers. Often, this involves filing a personal injury lawsuit empowering the victim to bring drunk drivers to justice through the state’s DUI laws.

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