Facial injuries are devastating, but you can seek a claim

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

When you hit your head on your steering wheel, you knew that it was a bad injury immediately. Facial trauma is painful, and you saw a lot of blood.

As soon as the emergency medical team arrived, they helped you into the ambulance and took you straight to the hospital. You had suffered a jaw injury and damage to the eye socket, both of which were going to require surgery right away.

This kind of injury can be devastating for a few reasons. First, they can cause dysfunction. Damage to the eye socket can lead to issues with the use of your eye. In a worst-case scenario, severe damage could lead to you losing your eye or having other issues, like nasal blockages or changes in your vision.

Second, the injuries you’ve suffered can lead to disfigurement. Your face may never look the same after having to go through surgery. You could have large scars or deformities as a result of the steps the medical team has to take to save your jaw or eye.

As a victim of a serious car crash, your priority needs to be to get the best care possible for your injuries. This is a horrible situation to be in, and you may find that it takes months or years before you get all functionality back or are able to address changes in the shape of your face, scarring or other issues.

You should take the time to get to know your rights as a victim of a serious injury. You can pursue a claim against the at-fault driver, so you can seek the money that you’re going to need as you focus on your recovery.