Can you ever recover from a spinal cord injury after a crash?

| Sep 22, 2021 | Car accidents

Suffering trauma to your back in a car wreck could cause life-altering injuries. Although the bones of your spine help protect your spinal cord, the force of a collision could still damage your spinal cord. 

Typically, spinal cord injuries will affect both sensation and motor function below the injury site. The higher on the back someone’s injury is, the more of their body it will impact. Is it possible for someone dealing with a traumatic spinal cord injury to recover function below the injury site?

Incomplete spinal cord injuries may improve with proper support

Although there are countless possible ways to injure your spinal cord, there are really only two kinds of spinal cord injuries. There are complete injuries that fully cut or sever the spinal cord, permanently ending sensation and motor function below the location of the injury. 

There are also incomplete spinal cord injuries. These may involve the partial cutting, tearing or pinching of the spinal cord. Although the injury will still impact motor function and sensation, people may be able to recover function with physical therapy or surgery. Some people may actually heal the damage to their spinal cord with treatment, while others may learn ways to overcome the impact of the incomplete injury on their daily lives. 

Adequate medical interventions may lead to substantial improvements in some cases or more manageable symptoms in others. Getting adequate compensation for a catastrophic injury after a car crash can help you connect with the care you need to secure the best possible outcome for that injury.