Vehicles and assault charges

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Car accidents

Automobiles typically weigh a few tons and can reach speeds over 100 mph. This combination can make a vehicle a lethal weapon. Millions of people may be injured in incidents involving motor vehicles in a variety of circumstances.

In a few rare cases, injuries resulting from an automobile incident may have been intentional. Circumstances such as this may result in lengthy jail sentences and hefty fines. But when is an incident involving a vehicle considered assault?


The intent of the perpetrator is the deciding factor between an accident and assault. An assault charge may be filed against an individual for whom there is compelling evidence to reasonably assume the perpetrator knew their actions would result in personal injury.

An assault charge, in the state of Texas, can be the result of either verbal harassment or an instance of physical violence. Charges brought on grounds of physical violence can result in a felony indictment along with several years of prison time. An assault charge alone may not be adequate to settle damages resulting from physical damage by a vehicle. A personal injury lawsuit is much more likely to get the victim the funds they need to cover medical expenses and other financial damages made by the crime’s perpetrator.

Flexible lawsuits

An assault charge is not necessary if there was a physical injury resulting from an incident. So long as there is evidence to connect a victim’s physical damages to their perpetrator, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed. Other instances such as an animal bite, reckless or drunk driving, defective products, and medical malpractice can all be instances where personal injury suits may be filed. Although your injuries may not be the result of intentional action, you can still receive compensation for damages.