Watch out for teens with new cars this Christmas

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Car accidents

If you were a teenager who had just passed their driving test, what would you want this Christmas? If you did not already own a car, that might be high on the list. Some teenagers will be lucky enough to get their wish, yet it might be a gift their parents come to regret.

Think back to when you were a kid, and you got a bicycle or skateboard for Christmas. All you wanted to do was go out and ride it. You might have fallen off or ridden into something because you did not yet know how to handle it or because you were showing off. The same can happen with any teenager who gets a car for Christmas, but the consequences could be much worse.

Some cars are more dangerous than others

How do you choose a teenager’s first car? Some parents might go for something big to protect their child in a crash. Anything built like a tank might save the people inside the vehicle, but it will be a different story for anyone else hit by it.

Some parents will get their child a modern car to take advantage of updated safety features. Yet, these may enable the driver to cruise past the speed limit with ease that an older car could not manage. While having a car that accelerates smoothly is pleasant, one that starts rattling at anything over 50 mph can act as a natural deterrent to prevent speeding.

If a driver crashes into you while seeing how fast their new car could go or showing it off to their friends, you will need to find out more about claiming compensation for the injuries you suffer.