How to reduce the chance of a texting and driving accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Car accidents

One of the worst times for someone to call you is while you are driving. Answering your phone while driving raises your chances of being in a car accident even if you do it via a hands-free set. Talking to someone on the end of the line will take your mind off the road even if you keep your hands on the wheel.

What if you find it hard to ignore your phone when it rings? You can reduce the chance your phone distracts you in several ways: 

Put it where you cannot see or reach it

You can place it in your glove box or on the backseat. Alternatively, you can stash your phone in a bag or purse. The further away your phone is, the fewer chances of being distracted by it on the road. 

Turn on silent or airplane mode

Hearing your phone chime with texts and calls can still distract you, no matter where your phone is. It may cause you to look away from the road or miss hearing someone honking their horn, leading you to do worse than miss your turn. 

Turning your phone to silent mode reduces some of the distractions. Some phones, however, may still vibrate while in silent mode. You can, instead, turn your phone to airplane mode reducing any messages and calls. 

Not all drivers consider the people around them. If you are in an accident where the other driver is texting or talking on their phone then you may need to seek legal help to recover your losses.