3 risks of biking in the city

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Pedestrian accidents

Every generation looks for newer ways to go green. Your child may consider biking to reduce their carbon footprint and cut their college commuting time. 

While they may be making the world a better place, they are also putting themselves at higher risk of injuries. Cities are riddled with daily car accidents,  and a bike accident could raise the seriousness of injuries your child could get. 

You want to know your child is safe when you send them off on their own. Here’s what your child should watch for when biking to school:

Car doors can suddenly swing open

Drivers who don’t utilize the Dutch reach are likely to put bikers in danger. Their negligence to consider people riding past their doors could cause bikers to ride right into them. 

A “dooring” accident can send the rider flying headlong onto the pavement. They may sustain serious head and spine injuries when landing. 

Trucks have blind spots on the side mirrors

Trucks are notorious for having blind spots. Their side mirrors can only see so much of their trucks. The mirrors may also only see objects high off the ground, so this makes spotting bikers riding low to the ground harder to see. 

An unexpected turn from a trucker can cause a biker to slam right into the truck. They may face serious injuries and cause damage to a cyclist’s bike in the process. 

Drivers don’t always look when turning

Drivers can get so focused on the traffic signals in front of them that they forget to look around when turning. They can easily miss a cyclist about to cross their path or one riding next to them and turn right into the biker’s path.

Don’t blame yourself if you or your child is seriously injured in a vehicle accident. There are ways to recover their losses and cover medical bills.