Eating in the car can cause distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Car accidents

Most people have gone through a drive-thru at least once in their life. You could have ordered a meal, dessert or coffee while never having to leave the comfort of your car. Grabbing a quick meal on the road almost seems like America’s number one pastime. 

Eating in the car isn’t necessarily illegal, however, distracted driving is (such as eating while driving). There are a few ways someone could cause a distracted driving accident because of their food choices. Here’s what you should know:

Food accidents could cause car accidents

Many people enjoy fast food because it’s quick and easily accessible. This works out perfect for people who are on a tight schedule – like truckers and postal workers – or those running late for work. Despite the convenience, eating while driving may cause a distracted driving accident. A few examples may be:

  • Drivers getting grease on their hands, making it harder to control the wheel
  • Looking away from the road to unpackage food
  • Spilling food, causing someone to momentarily look away from the road
  • Spilling hot drinks, upsetting a driver’s focus

Studies have even shown that eating while driving reduces a driver’s reaction time. Eating or drinking while driving may even cause someone to drive worse than people without food. 

Distracted driving can cause serious accidents, putting themselves and others in danger of head and spine trauma and at times causing fatal injuries. If you have medical bills because of a distracted driving accident, you may need to reach out for legal help to recover from your losses.