2 ways a semitruck’s load cause severe injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2022 | Trucking accidents

Large commercial trucks carry anything that an ordinary car can’t move around. Truckers transport all kinds of shipments: crates of food, steel beams, statues, cars, etc. Many of these truckers are responsible for the goods you find at your local store.

Truckers are often trained to transport goods over many miles and efficiently traverse tight roads. Just because a trucker is trained for the job, doesn’t mean they’re prepared for the unexpected – and neither are you. Truckers can lose their shipments and even misjudge their movements, putting themselves and you in danger. Here’s what you should know:

Unsecured load accident

Typically, it isn’t up to the trucker to load their shipment on their big rig (although they are supposed to check them before starting out). Warehouse workers may have to load and secure heavy material. 

Sometimes the restraints on a load aren’t tightened properly or loosened on the road, which could send a whole load flying out during shipment. A driver in another vehicle caught behind a truck could be hit by flying material which could cause serious and even fatal injuries.

Shipment height difficulties

Truckers have to know their truck and shipment height to get through tolls and bridges. If a trucker overestimates their shipping height clearance, they could crash their big rig into structural support beams or the top of an underpass. A damaged bridge could cause come crumbling down, injuring drivers on or under the pass. The load can also end up in the road through this process, which can create havoc and danger in several lanes.

If you were recently injured by the actions of a trucker, then you may need to reach out for legal help when recovering from your injuries and losses.