Defend Your Interests In A Texas Probate Dispute With The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

When a decedent passes away, the probate process involving his or her estate is not always seamless. Family members, executors or beneficiaries may disagree on issues, delaying the process. When this occurs, hiring an attorney with skill in resolving theses types of disputes is advised.

Guiding Families For Over Two Decades

At Law Offices of Glenn D. Tucker, Sr. PLLC, clients can find a Dallas attorney with such skill. Glenn Tucker has been helping families throughout North Dallas for over two decades. He knows the law and can offer the guidance you need to get through this difficult time.

Glenn often assists with legal contests involving:

  • The validity of a will
  • Challenges to the appointment of the executor
  • Contests over the appointment of a guardianship
  • Accusations the will was made under duress or undue influence

An Attorney With Courtroom Experience

Litigating any matters involves knowing the courtroom, judges, rules of evidence and procedures inside and out. Hiring an attorney with litigation experience – one who has appeared in court many times – is important. Attorney Glenn Tucker has litigated many cases throughout the state of Texas. If your case requires a tough advocate who is willing to fight for your interest in court, Glenn can help you.

Learn More About The Process Today

Contact attorney Glenn Tucker today. Call 214-473-5845 or send him an email. He can discuss the issue and potential recourse options. He can also explain the court process and what you can expect, so you are fully informed before making any final decisions.

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