Dallas set to spend $15 million on new sidewalks this year

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Pedestrian accidents

Almost 2,000 miles of roads in Dallas have no sidewalks. That produces hazardous conditions for pedestrians as well as for drivers who have to share these roads with them.

That’s going to begin to change this year as a sidewalk “master plan” begins to be implemented. Some $15 million of the city’s annual budget has been earmarked for new sidewalks. Some city leaders have also suggested seeking additional funds through bond programs as well as private donations to continue creating more sidewalks further into the future.

Dallas is one of the most dangerous cities for drivers and pedestrians

More sidewalks should help reduce traffic fatalities. Dallas has the unfortunate distinction of having the second-worst traffic fatality rate among large U.S. cities. (Fort Worth was close behind at fourth, and three other Texas cities made the “top ten.”)  

In collisions between vehicles and pedestrians, of course, those on foot are the most likely to suffer fatal injuries. Over 50 people in Dallas were fatally injured by vehicles last year. Between the master plan for sidewalks and the city’s Vision Zero plan, Dallas leaders hope to reduce these fatalities. A bike plan, which would lead to more bicycle lanes, is also due to be presented later this year.

Will we be seeing more electric rental scooters?

With more sidewalks and bike lanes, we could see what’s been called “the return of Big Scooter.” That refers to rented electric scooters, which were banned in Oct. 2020 after numerous complaints of people, including “scooter gangs,” operating them unsafely both on sidewalks and in the streets. The Dallas City Council is considering allowing a limited number of scooter vendors to rent out electric scooters.

Pedestrians are often at the mercy of anyone on four wheels or two wheels as well as on electric scooters – particularly if they have to walk in areas without sidewalks. If you or a loved one has been injured or worse, it’s crucial to get the compensation you need to cover expenses and other damages that could affect your life for years to come. That’s why it’s wise to seek experienced legal guidance to help ensure that you maximize your claim.