Helmet and bike video cameras can help after a crash

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Personal Injury

Bicyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road – not just to motorists but sometimes to other cyclists as well. Both can result in serious injuries, but being struck by a car or truck can be catastrophic. 

If you’re on a sparsely traveled road, there may be no witnesses to back up your story. Even worse, a driver might just decide to flee the scene. 

Providing valuable evidence as well as deterrence

That’s why it is wise to have at least one video camera on your bike and even another one on your helmet. GoPros and similar devices are lightweight but can record the scene all around you. In addition to recording the collision, they can capture the vehicle’s license plate if they don’t stick around. 

They also provide some protection against road rage and other potential attacks, which bicyclists can be particularly vulnerable to as well. Most people aren’t going to do anything illegal if they see a camera pointed at them.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a collision with a vehicle or another bike, the video from your camera(s) can provide valuable evidence to show that you were not at fault. If you didn’t have a camera on you and there’s any question about who was at fault or even who the other person was, it may be worthwhile to check with any businesses or even homeowners in the area to see if their security cameras may have captured the collision. 

This is just one reason why having legal guidance is worthwhile after a serious bike crash. It can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.