Avoid these 3 common peak driving hour errors

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Car accidents

Peak-hour traffic can make your commute a nightmare. Not only does it eat into the time you could spend doing other things, but it can leave you feeling frustrated. Some drivers react very badly, taking their frustration out through their driving or making dangerous moves to try and make up time.

Here are three things to avoid:

1. Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you

Inching up to the bumper of the car in front of you every time it moves won’t get you much closer to your destination. It could, however, increase how long it takes you to get there. Even a small prang will delay your journey as you sort it out. Once cars pick up speed, the damage could be much more serious, and you might both end up in the hospital.

2. Letting the situation get the better of you

Screaming at the cars around you or slamming on the horn are not harmless ways to express frustration. That anger can stay with people and affect their driving. It may also affect others who get angry at the noise you are making. What you need to do is try and stay calm, so you can make sensible driving decisions.

3. Making use of the time to do something else

Even if the traffic is moving slowly, you need to avoid doing anything other than focusing on the road around you. While it might seem like you can pull out your phone and check a message before the car in front moves again, the distraction that it causes can affect you for much longer. It could easily cause you to miss a cyclist or motorcyclist who has been able to creep up through the traffic.

If someone injures you in peak hour traffic, getting help to discover what they were doing wrong will be crucial to getting the total amount of compensation you deserve.