Why are left turns so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Car accidents

One of the most common and yet dangerous things that you can do on the road is simply to make a left turn. This is even dangerous if you have a controlled turn with a green arrow. But it is especially dangerous at a blinker light or a stop sign.

The danger comes from the fact that cars must cross paths while making a left turn. Even on a completely empty road with only one car present, that driver still technically has to cross the oncoming lanes. 

What this means is that every left turn is a judgment call. Is there another car coming? Is there enough time and space to turn? If it’s at a stop sign or a light, is oncoming traffic actually going to stop? A left turn is an exercise in trust because you believe that everyone else is going to behave properly on the road around you.

Some delivery companies prohibit left turns

The problem with judgment calls is that most car accidents happen due to human error. People are going to make mistakes, and those mistakes can lead to accidents during left turns.

As a result, companies like UPS will generally schedule their drivers in a way that means they rarely – if ever – have to turn left. The risk is simply too great, so it is safer and more efficient to go around the block.

That said, most personal drivers do not even consider this policy because it takes longer, so they simply turn left and count on everyone else to avoid making mistakes. Those who have been injured when other drivers are negligent or reckless need to know how to seek financial compensation.