3 ways drivers can reduce biking accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Pedestrian accidents

In an accident, a biker is more likely to suffer severe and fatal injuries if they collide with a car. It’s often the duty of drivers to drive defensively to help reduce cycling accidents.

How can drivers reduce cycling accidents? Here’s what you should know: 

1. Use the “Dutch Reach”

A common accident that many bikers suffer from is “dooring.” Dooring happens when a driver or passenger suddenly opens a car door in the path of a biker. The biker may not have enough time to avoid the door, which can cause them to hit the door and fall onto the pavement. 

Drivers and passengers can help reduce these kinds of cyclist accidents by using the “Dutch Reach.” The Dutch Reach is a simple technique that has the person opening the car door use the furthest hand to do so. When people use their furthest hand to open their door, they turn their torso slightly, allowing them to see if there are any oncoming cyclists.

2. Give bikes room on the road

Cyclists can’t go as fast as cars and they may not have space on the sidewalk to avoid vehicles. Drivers and cyclists often have to share the same space on the road. Drivers can help reduce biking accidents by distancing their cars from cyclists. If a driver wishes to pass a cyclist, they need to consider driving around them at an appropriate time. 

3. Don’t text and drive

Many cyclists aren’t as visible as vehicles. This can make it harder for drivers to see cyclists on the road, especially when a driver is distracted. Drivers need to keep their phones on “silent” and out of sight when they’re behind the wheel.

A biking accident can lead to severe injuries. Victims should learn all they can about their legal rights when seeking compensation for their injuries and losses.