Who pays for accident injuries caused by driverless vehicles?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Car accidents

Most people agree that technology makes life easier and perhaps even better, but it is not as foolproof as many may believe. When your well-being or life depends on technology, its failure can be catastrophic.

Self-driving technology may one day evolve to the point that it improves safety and convenience across the nation. However, at this time, driverless vehicle accidents still occur, and victims want to know who is liable for their harm.

The manufacturers

Flaws in the design or construction of the vehicle may mean the liability for victim injuries rests with the auto manufacturer. Those who make goods for consumer use must ensure their products are safe and defect-free, including a driverless vehicle’s hardware, software, cameras and sensors.

The operator

100% autonomous cars are permitted in Texas, but some auto companies still require a human operator in case of an emergency. Negligence on the part of a human operator may mean they are responsible for victim injuries. If no operator is present, those who own the “automated driving system” may be liable instead.

A third party

Sometimes, driverless auto accidents can happen because another motorist acted negligently. For example, a careless driver runs a red light and strikes a driverless car, causing it to collide with your vehicle. In situations like this, the negligent operator of the third vehicle is probably the responsible party.

As you can see, claims involving driverless technology are not too different from other auto accident claims. However, there is an increased risk of complications when it comes time to identify those responsible for victim injuries.

Legal counsel can protect your rights and offer guidance in finding the liable parties and maximizing your injury compensation under Texas law.