2 vehicle crash injuries that may lead to lifelong medical needs

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Car accidents

Most crash injuries need a medical assessment, but some require much more attention, often for a lifetime. Brain and spinal cord injuries are two examples, but they are not the only ones that can require lifelong intervention.

In the days following your vehicle accident, you or someone close to you will probably begin an auto accident claim – especially if someone else was at least partially at fault. If you suffer spine or brain injuries or those discussed below, ensure that your claim accounts for your short-term as well as long-term medical needs.

Severe burns

Most people tend to overlook the risk of burn injuries in a motor vehicle accident, but burns can occur if a fuel line ruptures during a crash. Severe burns are immediately life-threatening, but patients have better odds of at least partial recovery these days than they did in the past.

Unfortunately, burns can lead to dangerous secondary complications like cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of developing cancer. Severely burned victims may require medical treatment, mental health care and rehabilitative therapies for a long time.

Traumatic amputation injuries

Another crash injury that does not get enough attention is complete or partial traumatic amputation. The loss of a limb can be psychologically crippling for some accident victims, and it poses a risk of post-accident complications.

Many people continue to experience persistent, severe pain, and some develop heart problems, musculoskeletal disorders or other complications after the initial injury. Like burn patients, amputation victims often need medical care, rehabilitation and mental health treatment on a long-term basis.

Texas has some of the nation’s most complex auto accident and injury compensation laws. Having experienced legal guidance can help you make a successful bid for future medical expenses if you suffered life-altering injuries in a crash.