What are the dangers of tanker trucks on the roadways?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Trucking accidents

Tanker trucks are common on the roads. They transport essential liquids ranging from fuel to chemicals. While they play a crucial economic role, these vehicles also bring considerable roadway risks. 

Understanding the dangers of tanker trucks is vital, especially for those affected by tanker truck accidents.

Size and maneuverability issues

Due to their substantial size, tanker trucks have inherent limitations in visibility and maneuverability. These large vehicles create significant blind spots for the trucker, so other vehicles are in danger of being struck if they’re in those zones. 

Maneuvering such large trucks safely requires skill and caution, especially in dense traffic or urban environments. There’s also a risk of rollovers or jackknifing, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

Another issue is the weight of these large vehicles, especially when they’re fully loaded. This makes it possible for cars near the tanker to be crushed if the big rig rolls over. 

Cargo-related hazards

The type of cargo tanker trucks carry adds an extra layer of danger. Transporting flammable or hazardous materials like gasoline or industrial chemicals poses risks of explosions or harmful spills during accidents. 

The liquids in the tanker can shift during transit, which affects the vehicle’s stability and handling. Bulkheads, baffles and safety valves help to control the sloshing and shifting liquids while the truck is moving. These rigs also have electronic stability control systems to help minimize the shifting. 

While most tanker trucks deliver their cargo without incident, innocent motorists are sometimes struck by these semitrucks. These innocent victims may need urgent medical care, especially if they suffered catastrophic injuries. Seeking compensation for the financial damages, which includes medical bills, lost wages and similar expenses, is possible.