Getting needed compensation for hand-related crash injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2024 | Car accidents

Our hands are incredible instruments, marvels of evolution that allow us to perform countless tasks with dexterity and precision. However, these essential tools are also vulnerable to injuries, some of which can be devastating.

In motor vehicle accidents, the hands can suffer potentially catastrophic injuries. When preparing your accident claim, make sure you understand how severe hand injuries, including the two we discuss below, may impact your post-accident life.

Crush damage

Your hands are crucial to operating a vehicle. If something goes wrong, they may be first in line for injuries. When struck severe force or caught between heavy objects, the immense pressure can crush fragile bones, muscles and tissue.

Crush injuries can lead to tissue death and nerve damage, often resulting in lifelong hardships and restrictions, especially without proper care.


The complete or partial loss of any part of the body can be profoundly life-altering. It can change how you perform even the most basic daily tasks. You may also require extensive rehabilitation to relearn the essential skills necessary to earn a gainful living.

Along with physical issues, amputation injuries can dramatically affect your psychological health as you come to grips with your loss and new situation.

Expect substantial medical costs

Remember, debilitating hand injuries can reduce your earning capacity, lead to long-term medical care and cause lasting emotional suffering. Some treatments your doctors may recommend include reconstructive surgeries, intense physical therapy and psychological counseling, to name a few.

Your accident claim can ensure you obtain enough compensation to address potential financial hardships and get the medical care you need. Having legal guidance can help you make the most of your claim.