When you have an accident or are wronged by another party, you need time to recover — both physically and emotionally. The last thing you need to worry about is insurance claims or potential court proceedings. Yet, at the same time, insurance companies and other aggravated parties may already be building their case, and they will do whatever it takes to block you from receiving a sizeable settlement. They don’t really care if you are sick or injured — they only want to win and deprive you of your fair settlement.

When partnering with the Glenn Tucker team, you will follow a systematic approach that has proven to achieve the best results for our clients and provide clarity and transparency throughout the legal process.

A Step-by-Step Overview

Step 1

Initial Consultation

You will collect any available documents and communication records related to the case and meet with Glenn and his staff for a free consultation about your case.

Step 2

Legal Plan Formation

The Tucker team will examine the relevant documents, claims, and other evidence related to the case and make a recommendation regarding the strategic direction. We will discuss our suggested approach with you in-depth, ensuring that you are thoroughly on

Step 3

Pricing Discussion

We are just as transparent with our pricing as we are with every other aspect of counsel. Various pricing and payment options will be discussed with you prior to beginning any work on the case.

Step 4

Final Document Collection

A medical release form will be signed and any relevant medical records will be requested for review.

Step 5

Pre-Case Evaluation

Once all of the above pieces are in place, Glenn will provide a realistic assessment of your case, along with the range of potential outcomes. If both parties are in agreement, the case will typically proceed as quickly as possible

Attorney Glenn Tucker is in your corner. He will explore every facet of your case, building evidence that can stand up against your opponents and protect you at trial or during settlement talks. Glenn is deeply involved with every case the firm takes on — no one “passes the buck” here. He will work closely with you throughout the legal process to alleviate fears and answer questions, drawing on his prodigious cache of experience and successful track record.

Attorney Glenn Tucker in Courtroom

Glenn Tucker

Glenn Tucker has been practicing law since graduating from Baylor University Law School in 1990. A passionate defender of his clients’ rights, Glenn works hard to ensure that every case gets the undivided attention it deserves.