Business law encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including business formation, dissolution and disputes, breach of contract and lost profits, construction defects, and business obstruction. While it may seem that you can handle much of the paperwork yourself in getting your business off the ground, the guidance of an experienced attorney up front can save your company from serious financial and legal setbacks down the road.

The Law Offices of Glenn D. Tucker has the wealth of experience and business savvy to resolve disputes to your best possible advantage. As a small, local firm, we go directly to the original sources to gather up-to-date information regarding your case — whether it be city government officials, tax authorities, engineers, police departments or other professionals. 

Our small size allows us to quickly connect with the relevant parties and uncover documents that will keep your case moving and get money in your pocket that much faster. Our long-standing relationships with the local business and civic community helps us access the information we need more quickly than other firms that are bigger, which may have layers of bureaucracy slowing them down — even within their own firm.

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Experienced in all aspects of business law

Our goal in approaching business cases is to relieve the pressure and enormous resource sink caused by a lawsuit — regardless of whether it was initiated by you or a third party. Your focus needs to remain on your business — providing excellent products, outstanding customer service, and on-time deliveries — so that your current customers, employees, and products don’t suffer. We understand that being involved in a lawsuit can be extremely stressful; let us reduce that burden by doing the important legwork for you.

Over the past 25 years, we have helped hundreds of clients with all aspects of business law, including:

  • Company formation and dissolution — We help you determine the best structure for your business, whether as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, sole proprietorship, or other entity. On the flip side, we can help determine an exit strategy or dissolution of your business as you near retirement.

  • Complex transaction navigation and protection — Don’t go it alone when it comes to complex transactions and other significant negotiations. One false move on the smallest detail can impact your business’ growth and profitability for years to come. An experienced attorney can help you avoid potential missteps and capitalize on opportunities.

  • Preemptive measures to avoid litigation — An experienced business attorney can expertly structure your transaction to minimize exposure to future litigation. By anticipating and avoiding problems before they occur, we can add tremendous value to the negotiating process.

  • Construction defects — Defining specifications for a new house or other property is a painstaking process that can sometimes go astray. In this scenario, you need a competent and experienced attorney to thoroughly review your case and make recommendations regarding remediation and settlement options.  

  • Contract disputes – Should you find yourself in the middle of a contract dispute, you need a seasoned attorney by your side to advocate on your behalf. Glenn Tucker can review the fine details of the contract and advise you as to the best course of action to get your dispute resolved with the best possible outcome.

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Glenn Tucker invites you for a free consultation to discuss your legal problem with no obligation. We can use our experience to help your business meet local and state laws. Simply contact our office to learn more about how we can help.